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We are rethinking the entire veterinary online education experience by providing engaging, high quality continuing education courses covering medical, business, financial, legal and ethical issues encountered by veterinary associates and practice owners every day. The majority of our courses feature drip teaching methodology which delivers multimedia learning content on a scheduled basis designed for maximum learning and time efficiency.




Powered by our unique “Drip” teaching methodology offering engaging multimedia educational content to you delivered in short, 5 – 7 minute, chunks for easier consumption and increased retention, we currently offer courses in:

Medical Continuing Education

Best-in-class courses both in the science of veterinary medicine and in the practical and regulatory realities of everyday veterinary practice.

Law, Ethics and Business

Among our most popular courses, explore how law, ethics and practical business advice intersect to keep your professional life profitable while reducing your stress and regulatory concerns.

Personal Financial Success

A collaboration between the VIN Foundation, VIN, and drip.vet to start you on the path to financial wellness. Simple, empowering and engaging content to help you become successful, well and happy in the veterinary profession.

See our most recent and upcoming CE offerings

We’re continuously creating new courses to meet the expanding needs of our current and future customers.  Learn how you can offer us suggestions on what courses to offer moving forward.

Opioid 411 - 2022

For veterinarians to fulfill state-mandated continuing education requirements. 1 and 2 hours CE available.

Medical Recordkeeping for Veterinarians

This updated 6 hour online course launched in 2023 teaches state board-compliant record-keeping principles that enhance the value of your practice’s records while reducing your medical, public relations and legal risks.

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Our Unique Instructional Methodology

We focus on Delivery, Design Quality and our “Drip” Methodology.   A constant Drip of learning rather than a flood of information all at once extends the learning horizon beyond the weekly lecture including micro-learning opportunities (5-7 minutes at a time throughout the week);  increasing retention while creating longer-lasting habits of success.




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Why we are different

drip.vet courses are designed from the ground up to deliver focused learning in the most convenient and effective manner possible. It’s like having your own personal subject matter expert instructing you.

We’ve set out to shake up the online Veterinary education world by introducing exciting design touches to complement our outstanding content that eliminates distractions caused by low-quality sound or blurry visuals. Courses are presented in 4K video with animations, great audio and imagery and even humor.

On the technology side, our video delivery network ensures that you receive the highest quality content stream your device can handle including in situations where your Internet connection is less than ideal. Prefer to have written materials to study with as well? We’re providing transcripts of all our courses. Not able to turn on the sound? Don’t worry, we have you covered there too because our video player offers full captioning support.

The future is even more exciting – as we grow to support offering our courses in multiple languages as well!

The drip.vet learning experience is built to be “mobile responsive.” This means no matter if you are viewing on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the content will adjust to fit your screen.

Our platform combines contemporary learning science and e-learning tools. A constant drip of learning rather than a flood of information all at once extends the learning horizon beyond the weekly lecture and includes micro-learning opportunities (3-7 minutes at a time throughout the week); this platform increases retention and creates longer-lasting habits of success. Each of the modules we build can be scaled up or down, depending on the needs of the institution.

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