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Drip Learning Technologies, also known as drip.vet (pronounced “drip-dot-vet”), was founded in 2017 by two prominent veterinarians in the Omaha, Nebraska area (one of whom is also a lawyer) based upon their shared vision of becoming the premier provider of online veterinary education worldwide. Drs. Lance Roasa and Drew Olson envisioned creating a unique online education platform delivering knowledge quickly, conveniently and efficiently.

Our history

Our initial course offerings focused on Veterinary Law & Ethics and Medical Record Keeping, two RACE-approved courses that are mandated for veterinarians required to take continuing education courses under the terms of disciplinary agreements with their state’s licensing boards. But that was just the start, our course topics broadened considerably in the following two years to embrace not only other veterinary medicine topics but also to focus on the troubling financial and lifestyle issues impacting veterinary practitioners and students. These real world issues have lead too many veterinarians to either leave the field entirely or, in extreme cases, even suicide.

In 2018, drip.vet added a course in Personal Financial Success, which is provided free to veterinary students. This course provides students with the financial literacy skills to facilitate happier, more rewarding professional and personal lives. When individual veterinarians thrive, the industry thrives.


From the very beginning our founding team took a deep dive into online education, assembling a team of financial literacy experts, pedagogy experts, and content/e-learning experts. drip.vet courses are based upon a one-of-a-kind “Drip” instructional methodology combining contemporary learning science and e-learning tools. A constant drip of learning rather than a flood of information all at once extends the learning horizon beyond the weekly lecture and includes micro-learning opportunities (5-7 minutes at a time throughout the week); this platform increases retention and creates longer-lasting habits of success. Each of the modules we build can be scaled up or scaled down, depending on the needs of the institution.

Learners receive:

• Customized learning pathways
• Micro-learning opportunities
• Extended learning horizon
• Social learning and Gamification opportunities
• Skill development of increasing complexity
• Badges and certificates
• Real-world problem focus


We deliver a series of financial literacy courses that follow students throughout their veterinary educational experience and beyond. We start with the end in mind: successful veterinarians who make financially sound decisions. We then reverse engineer those veterinarians to start with the absolute basics: learners create and maintain a personal budget throughout veterinary school. We use both social learning and a financial literacy coach to help ensure students stay on track. We begin with a foundation of basic financial knowledge and build more complex topics and skills, empowering the new graduate to gain control and confidence. The program culminates with the student creating a realistic plan for financial and professional success focused on wholeness and well-being.

Our values

• Innovative and Creative
• Committed to Service
• Lean and agile (efficient)
• Optimistic
• Do the right thing (ethical)
• Collaboration (invested in each others success)



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