Learn relationship building and negotiation strategies in this course specifically designed to assist veterinarians when discussing their compensation and benefit packages with prospective employers.


Please note that this course is designed for veterinary students and is not RACE-approved. You will not receive a certificate of completion when finished with this course.


Discover the basic to advanced negotiating skills you need as a veterinarian to create a win-win employment relationship. This course featuring topics such as:


  • Relationship-based negotiating
  • Developing Interest Lists
  • Preparing for Negotiations
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Developing the Relationship
  • Handling Diametrically Opposed Interests
  • BATNA and Leverage


Dr. Lance M. Roasa is a 2008 graduate of Texas A&M where he was the first student to undertake a 4th year business-track, spending the majority of his clinical training in veterinary business and industry. In 2016 He completed a law degree from the University of Nebraska and his training was centered on the law of small business, taxation and the law of veterinary medicine.


  • Exclusive Drip Teaching Methodology delivery system

  • Guided journey of daily emails notifying students as each learning module is available

  • High quality streaming 4K video with optional multi-modal closed captioning

  • Self-paced and accessible 24/7 allowing the learner to pick up right where they left off

  • No expiration date

  • Certificate of completion provided following completion

  • Additional new features and updates will be continually be added to this course in the future


BATNA and Leverage







What does BATNA mean? BATNA is having options!

This Course Is Intended For

This course is designed for veterinary students and recent graduates negotiating their first employment contract as well as veterinarians that have been in practice and are negotiating their next contract.

Estimated Time To Complete

The time required to complete this course in its entirety is approximately 1 contact hour delivered over 13 individual drips. These drips are delivered every other day over the course of 26 days. Individual sections require an average of 18 minutes to complete.

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