Attention Colorado Veterinarians!

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In 2019 the Colorado passed SB 229, which requires all veterinarians that prescribe opioids complete Opioid continuing education. This training must cover the following topics,

1) best practices for veterinary opioid prescribing;

2) recognition of human substance use disorder;

3) use of the electronic prescription drug-monitoring program;

4) and referral of human beings with suspected substance use disorders for treatment.

The state board further clarified that this continuing education must be at least 1 hour. Colorado veterinarians must complete this training before the October 31, 2020 license renewal.

To renew a license, a Colorado veterinarian must either attest to receiving the training, or not prescribing Opioids in their practice.   This new law in Colorado corresponds with a wave of new laws in 17 states requiring veterinarians and other prescribers of opioids and controlled substances to complete specific training. The legislative developments are in response to a national opioid epidemic, where 130 Americans die each day of opioid related overdoses.

No one is blaming veterinarians directly for this crisis, but as DEA registrants and potentially prescribers veterinarians are part of the supply chain. State legislatures have chosen two routes to help stem the crisis, education for prescribers and prescription drug monitoring programs, both of which are active in Colorado.

Additionally, Colorado veterinarians can count RACE approved Opioid training toward general Continuing Education requirements.

Drip.vet has created Opioid 411 in two versions, Anytime and Live to fulfill Colorado requirements for Licensure renewal. Opioid 411 Anytime is available as a convenient online course and Opioid 411 Live is an interactive webinar held on Oct 20, 2020 at 5 pm Mountain. Both courses are highly practical, relevant and as streamlined as possible .  They are written and delivered by Lance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD a practicing veterinarian and attorney.  Further, both courses are only $24.99.