There are many ways we are available to collaborate with your organization including custom course development and integrating our courses into your classroom curriculum.


Let’s partner up, you decide how we can best collaborate to achieve your objectives!

Partnering With Us

 We maintain many partnerships with educational institutions, professional organizations and others.  Use the contact form below to reach out to us to explore what kind of partnership opportunities there may be between drip.vet and your organization.

Become A drip.vet SME

We’re looking for Veterinary Subject Matter Experts (DVM) with broad experience teaching veterinary medicine to both student and experienced veterinary professionals to collaborate with us to create world-class training content.  If you might be interested, please contact us using the form below.

Custom Course Development

If one of our standard courses just needs a bit of tweaking to be the best possible educational solution for you, we are there to help.  Likewise, if your needs are more extensive then we also offer customized development opportunities to work directly with our talented team of subject matter experts, instructional designers and multimedia specialists to turn your visions into reality.

Our Affiliate Program

We are reshaping the landscape of continuing education for veterinarians, breaking down barriers and financially rewarding our affiliate subject-matter experts and authors.

Our affiliates have valuable knowledge and we have the means to share that knowledge with learners, wherever they are, whenever they want the information, and how they wish to receive it.

We use drip teaching methodology, which is doling out lessons in practical and convenient segments (as opposed to traditional massive, cumbersome lectures that figuratively force learners to drink from a firehose). Drip teaching fosters behavior change and results in more confident, effective doctors.

With our affiliate program, we make use of influencers to share information about drip.vet through word-of-mouth, their own social media networks, and in their professional settings.

If you are interested in learning about how to join the drip.vet Affiliate Program, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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