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Dr. Lance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD

Dr. Lance Roasa is a 2008 graduate of Texas A&M where he was the first student to undertake a 4th year business-track, spending the majority of his clinical training in veterinary business and industry. In 2016 He completed a law degree from the University of Nebraska and his training was centered on the law of small business, taxation and the law of veterinary medicine. 

Dr. Drew Olson, DVM

A 2012 Iowa State Veterinary College graduate, Dr. Drew Olson has practiced in small and large animal clinics, and has considerable experience in the veterinary compounding medicine industry.  An Omaha native, he is regarded as one of the nation’s leading veterinarians in compounding specialized veterinary medications. Be sure and ask Dr. Olson about his experience with retired circus elephants or his participation as a veterinary student in Frontier Vets, a documentary filmed in the remote region of Kruger Park in South Africa.  Drew resides in Omaha with his wife, Karin, and their daughter Olive.  They enjoy spending time with friends, family, and their rescue dog, Faith.  

Stephen Kellner

Steve grew up in Yardley, PA and completed a paralegal education with Mainline Paralegal Institute in Philadelphia in 2004. Stephen specializes in legal research as it pertains to the Veterinary field and  animal and contract law.Stephen has been working in the business and educational side of veterinary medicine since 2003 covering such topics as Career Development, Practice Management, Law & Ethics, and Animal Law amongst other things.


See what these people had to say about Dr. Byers’s instructional style.

“Dr. Byers is such an energizing speaker, he made things I’ve been struggling with for years so much clearer.”

“He is an amazing speaker with great, clinically relevant information.”

“Dr. Byers’ case analysis was extremely helpful in simplifying what is a daunting presentation and topic. I will use his information daily in practice.”

“I would go to any conference where Dr. Byers is presenting just to hear him speak.”

“I love his entertaining lecture style and will definitely be looking for his seminars at other conferences.”

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