DFA is THE way to start your career.

You’ve studied, you’ve tested, you’ve passed.

You’ve survived clinics, but are you ready for practicing in the real world? DFA gives you the tools that you need to survive and thrive.


Spring Session #1 – May 24th – June 4th, 2021 – FULL
Spring Session #2 – June 7th – June 18th, 2021
Fall Session TBD


Doctor Finishing Academy is a unique mentorship program for newly graduated and associate veterinarians comprised of 3 parts:

  • DFA Drip Learning:  small pieces of information delivered to you weekly
  • DFA Interactive:  in-person training to solidify your knowledge
  • DFA Community:  during practice, help is always there for you

why enroll?

The experience and knowledge you will acquire is critical to a healthy, financially rewarding and productive career in veterinary medicine.

choose your perspective!

Doctor Finishing Academy is the way to start your career.  It could take years to learn all of the pearls of practice wisdom, instead take the highway to success.

We don’t just cover topics and provide information.

We take your success to the next level with live interactive scenarios with real clients and team members. These real discussions will solidify your knowledge and ability.

We teach things you won’t find in veterinary school like:

  • Communication
  • The Business of Veterinary Medicine
  • Mental, Emotional and Financial Wellness
  • Efficiency
  • Table Side Manner

You will receive 32 “drips” of information during the first few months of enrollment leading up to your in-person visit to DFA.

These drips of video, audio, and text take approximately 10 minutes to finish and can be completed with your mobile device, tablet or computer.


  1. You’re busy! 4th year is a busy time and you don’t have time for hours of additional reading!
  2. Learning science tells us that knowledge retention is at its best when the material is broken into small, digestible chunks and delivered consistently and repetitively.
  3. We are delivering complex and novel materials, so it takes some time to take in. We want you to have reviewed the materials before you arrive on our campus so we can focus on interactive conversation, not a lecture.

You will then come to Omaha, Nebraska for 2 weeks with a group of 7 other like minded recent graduates. At first glance, Omaha may sound boring, but it is centrally located and has a vibrant downtown with great restaurants and lodging. Our campus is minutes from great nature walks, bike trails, the Omaha Zoo, and great theater. Your stay in Omaha will be a time of discovery and introspection. We want you to refresh and recharge after veterinary school and graduation and take that great first step as you start your next chapter. You will leave DFA with a better understanding of yourself and your profession, and most importantly, a plan for your future success and wellness.

While on campus at DFA, we follow a regimented schedule, but also allow ample time for mindfulness, thought and self-discovery. We have a number of successful veterinarians and technicians whose true skills are to teach and mentor.

You will engage in Socratic discussion around the topics that were delivered via drip teaching, to solidify your understanding of them.

You will undergo live role-playing in real client and team member scenarios that you will encounter in practice. These will be recorded and analyzed so you can perfect your table-side manner.

We will guide you through the development of plans for your career, finances, work-life balance and happiness.

You will practice efficiency skills and leverage technology to save time and become more productive in practice.

You will discover mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you through stressful and difficult times that are inevitable.

You will likely bond with members of your Academy for support, accountability, and guidance through the early stages of your career.

After your time on our campus, you will continue to receive drips to help and solidify the information you learned at DFA in your early practice career. As you see these situations play out in real life, it’s helpful to have a consistent source of information to rely on.

Your Academy members and mentors will form a self-sustaining support group, for cases and issues that arise, medically, surgically, personally, financially and professionally. A positive and supportive tribe is essential for your continued success.

The first year of practice is tough on recent veterinary graduates. It’s been long said that they aren’t “practice-ready.”  But what’s missing?

Your new hire needs additional training and information to become successful in your practice. There are gaps in the veterinary school curriculum around the issues of leadership, business, communication, and efficiency.

Why? Because veterinary schools have to prepare graduates for a variety of career paths, not only private practice. Maybe they’ve determined that on-the-job-training will give new graduates the skills they need to flourish.

We want to give your new associate the right mindset to succeed. We fill the gaps in the education process and give them the skills and tools they need to jump-start their career.

Fortunately, the skills they need are uniform across practice types, and we provide the discussions, role-playing, and support that make it convenient for them and make them ready to produce for you.

We give them the confidence they need to grow and develop under your mentorship moving forward.

From the time they graduate, until they receive their license, we prepare them towards being practice-ready.

We give them financial and wellness tools for longevity. We can provide their support and backstop for your mentorship, so they are never alone or unsupported in their career.

Lastly, we give them a jump start to get them a boost up the production curve faster and more efficiently. We are confident that your investment in DFA will provide great returns in a more productive and happier team member.



Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Schedule and event details are currently being developed to adjust to COVID and to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.  Please contact us at info@drip.vet with any questions you may have regarding Doctor Finishing Academy.


Dr. Lance Roasa, DVM, MS, JD

Dr. Lance Roasa is a 2008 graduate of Texas A&M where he was the first student to undertake a 4th year business-track, spending the majority of his clinical training in veterinary business and industry. In 2016 He completed a law degree from the University of Nebraska and his training was centered on the law of small business, taxation and the law of veterinary medicine. 

Dr. Drew Olson, DVM

A 2012 Iowa State Veterinary College graduate, Dr. Drew Olson has practiced in small and large animal clinics, and has considerable experience in the veterinary compounding medicine industry.  An Omaha native, he is regarded as one of the nation’s leading veterinarians in compounding specialized veterinary medications. Be sure and ask Dr. Olson about his experience with retired circus elephants or his participation as a veterinary student in Frontier Vets, a documentary filmed in the remote region of Kruger Park in South Africa.  Drew resides in Omaha with his wife, Karin, and their daughter Olive.  They enjoy spending time with friends, family, and their rescue dog, Faith.  

Kelly Tebo

Kelly Tebo

Kelly grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado where she enjoyed snowboarding, playing hockey and racing horses. She always knew she would grow up to work with animals and started working with Dr. Lance Roasa when she was only 17 years old before leaving to attend her specialist training and advancing her skills in surgery, anesthesia and leadership.  Kelly has earned an associates in Veterinary Technology and a Bachelors degree in Social Sciences.
Today her many roles include being on the leadership team for several veterinary hospitals throughout Nebraska, a subject matter expert for Doctor Finishing Academy and a member of the drip.vet Marketing and Social Media team.

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