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Why Drip Teaching Methodology?

Your brain is optimized to learn, process and recall one piece of information at a time. Placing a lesson in context through repetition, testing and teaching make it stick. Our method teaches concepts in smaller quantities over time that we call drips, giving each key principle time to settle into your daily life. It gives you a chance to make changes, implement new techniques and actually become transformed as you move forward.

How does our exclusive Drip Teaching Method help you?

  • Your engagement level is likely to remain high when course material is delivered in daily, digestible drips.
  • Receiving lessons one drip at a time is perfect for your busy life. We know that you have only a small amount of free time; our drip method is the height of efficiency.
  • When you focus on our material on a drip-by-drip basis you master the information, and it shows when you deliver the information you learned to others.
  • Learning in short bursts of targeted knowledge allows you to close knowledge gaps faster.
  • The narrow focus of each drip allows you to have much better retention of the course content, giving you a higher level of confidence when applying the information you learned.