The Gender Gap in Veterinary Medicine

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Gender inequality and the resulting pay gap are realities in U.S. workplaces, and veterinary medicine is no exception. Female veterinarians are paid, on average, 8.6 percent less than male veterinarians. (Here is additional information from the AVMA).

Of course, this is unfair as a matter of fact. What’s even more amazing is that the very people who perpetuate the gender gap are those — both male and female — who don’t believe the gender gap exists.

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Lance Roasa DVM, MS, JD of drip.vet has done extensive research on this topic. As a workplace attorney, he reviews clients employment contracts, and frequently comes up against the gender gap in the course of these negotiations. Dr. Roasa is an expert on contract negotiation principles and does his best to ensure his clients receive equal and fair compensation packages and contracts despite the existing gender gap.

He has put together a video on the gender gap in veterinary medicine and what should be done to overcome and rise above it — these 42 minutes could make a massive difference in your professional life.

Dr. Roasa’s presentation is packed with facts, figures, and useful information. The video can help both women and men overcome the gender gap, which is harmful to the profession as a whole.

To see the video, all you need to do is click here to learn how you can battle the gender gap and ensure your future will be equally successful and full of potential!