We Have Your Mentorship

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Are you ready for your first year out of veterinary school? Are you concerned about finding the mentorship that you need and want?

We have your mentorship, in the form of a live interactive webinar series that is free and designed exclusively for veterinary students.

Upcoming webinars in the series will cover topics such as what makes a good mentorship program, whether you should do an internship, and — in the concluding sections — topics that are chosen by participants.

To date, we have presented an introductory session and a webinar on the mentor/mentee relationship. If you missed those webinars, you can catch up on them at this online archive, which you may continue to access after you join the series.

When you join, you become eligible for our special giveaway drawings. So far, we have given away a Cardiology IV stethoscope and $100 worth of scrubs. The next webinar will have another drawing for a Cardiology IV stethoscope and gift cards for scrubs.

Sign up for the series right now at the link below, or watch the video for additional detail.

Either way, you’re going to come out ahead.


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